weekend adventure // no. 24 & 25

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It's hard to even know where to begin with Iceland. We rented an SUV knowing we would want to cover every inch we could in the two weeks we had. And we did. The ring road did not disappoint, though we certainly had our favorite moments. From paved roads to dirt roads, sun to snow, green hills to black sand, canyons to oceans, we saw it all and hardly any of it. We have vowed to return one winter to explore the ice caves and hike on top of the glaciers. Though we quickly realized it will be hard to beat Iceland in June with its never ending sun [literally], overflowing waterfalls, and blooming things. 

All that practice with the bird payed off for Jesse. He captured Iceland from above so beautifully. We edited this together after coming back to the states. Let's just say the wanderlust came back real quick.