weekend adventure // no. 50

This weekend’s adventure took us to California, again! Though this time we were more north, and the adventure level was definitely higher. A few months back, Jesse went to New Mexico as part of a Weekend Adventure. He was there picking up part 1 of our World and Moore Adventure Mobile (name still pending…). This weekend we picked up part 2, a slide in camper to go in the bed. We drove to Tahoe, stayed 1 night with our friends, then drove the rest of the way to sacramento where we picked it up at the manufacturer. Immediately we were able to clock two nights in it, testing its rainproof gear in hours TORRENTIAL downpour and its furnace in 30 degree temps. So far so awesomely good! We have some work to do putting our touch on the interior side of things, but we’re excited to make a home that we can park literally anywhere.