weekend adventure // no. 52

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This is it! 52 weeks of Weekend Adventures comes to a close. A quick recap! Last New Years, we set a goal to go on a mini adventure every weekend around SLC/Utah. Our goal was to just really get to know the place we live. Should we ever move, we want to feel like we took advantage of what this place has to offer. Our goal was to keep them simple (go to a new park, try a new restaurant, check out that event that happens every year). Of course, some weekends we were traveling, so we counted those because we were still adventuring, after all. But every weekend we were home, we made sure to get out and make time for a little bit of exploring in our own city/state.

For our final adventure, we stopped by the Artesian Wells in the Sugar House area. A friend had tipped us off about these, so we had to see it for our ourselves. It’s a tiny park with a natural water spring flowing year round. Supposedly people come from all over to fill bottles and containers of this water. We were sure it would somehow be frozen over in these single digit temps, but it wasn’t! In the 20 minutes we were there, we saw a steady stream of people coming to fill up. People of all ages and economic status. Being the geniuses that we are, we forgot to bring something to fill up! So, we’ll make our way back soon to actually try some of this magical spring water.