Jackson Hole

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We left a place with snow to drive 5 hours to hang out in another place with snow. Can’t you see the logic? We met up with our friends for a quick weekend of snow shoeing, tubing, good food, shopping, hot tubbing, and everything in between. We really tested the limits of the rig in below freezing temps and it was awesome. But you know what isn’t awesome? Trying to find a spot to winter camp in Jackson Hole. After hours of searching and a few choice words, we ended up in the Kmart parking lot our first night. It was a low point for sure. Our boon-docking skills need work, that’s for sure. In other news, we had the opportunity to step inside a Wheel Haus. 500 square feet tiny homes being rented as vacation homes just outside of Jackson. We have had our eye on them for a while and, to be honest, were more impressed in person than we thought we would be. We really thought through all of our belongings and how it would work living in 400-500 square feet. It was encouraging, actually. Our lifestyle is slowly but surely becoming more intentional, and I don’t think it would be out of the realm of possibilities to actually be happy in a small house scenario.