Minimal Dopp Kit

Your toiletries kit for traveling is one of the easiest places to start when minimizing your travel gear.  The containers you use in your house are obviously bigger and contain more product then you need for a few days or even two weeks on the road.

The quickest way is to just buy the same product you use at home, but the small travel - size version. If they don’t sell them in travel size, buy smaller tubes online. 

It’s not very minimalist of me, but I keep this kit packed at the bottom of my bathroom drawer, then it is always ready when I need it. This also serves as a way to keep me from using these specially – sized items at home.


For eight years and over 100,000 miles I used this cheap, clear, probably - from - target - ages - ago, zipper case. It worked great, and was pretty thin for slipping in and out of my bag before security.  

As I continued to pare down my kit, I was only filling about half of this case.  When looking for a new case, I considered the important features of a toiletry pouch. Ideally it would be waterproof and also extremely thin so it can be accessed quickly in the airport. Plus, not take up a lot of bathroom counter space. 



[Magpul Zipper Pouch - Small] 


 The edges are welded seams and taper down to a flat corner. This makes it easy to slide into an exterior bag pocket. It’s waterproof, but not submersible. It can be hung up with a small clip. And it fits all of my items inside with almost no room to spare.



  • Toothbrush
  • Razor
  • Hair Mold
  • Deodorant
  • Floss
  • Lactaid Medicine (since moved to our small Med Bag)
  • Restful Legs (For when RLS hits right at bedtime)


Bonus Uber-Specialty Item: ridiculously small toothpaste tubes from Japan. When we went to Japan and stayed in their awesome, tiny hotel rooms, I found these great tubes of toothpaste. I grabbed them where ever I could and brought them home, probably six or seven tubes. I’ve now continued to use these for my travel kit. (I may have to source these myself when they run out.)