Filmore Hot Springs

Last weekend I was really needing an adventure. Who better to call than my dear pal, Amber! She is always up for a good adventure- we've had quite a few! Our destination this time: Filmore Hot Springs. So, Jesse and I loaded the CRV with all things fun: the tunes of Lady Gaga, a 20 pound bag of pretzels (ok not 20 pounds but it was the Costco family size....), an underwater camera, glow sticks (but we somehow failed to bring flashlights), and a little portable stove to make hot chocolate. We picked up Amber and spouse, Danny, and set off!

FINALLY we arrive at the hot springs and were greeted by a lovely bunch of the local hicks, drunk, literally falling out of their jacked up truck. Classic. We had driven an hour and a half though so we weren't going to let them ruin our night.
This is how the rest of the night went down: We run the 50 yards or so to the springs. Amber steps in a huge mud puddle along the way. The pool is full of said hick's friends (some over the age of 60). Cool. Amber convinces a few of our new friends that all she does in life is travel around to explore hot springs. They were convinced she was rich.

Soon after arriving, Jesse and I noticed a guy sitting alone in the shadows behind us. Not going to lie, I found it a little creepy at first. Regardless, we decided to make friends with him. His name was Leif, and he was one of the coolest guys. We couldn't figure out why he kept diving waaayyy down to the bottom for extended periods of time. Later we found out he was picking up all of the beer cans off the bottom. What a guy. He literally has traveled around visiting hot springs (according to him, Filmore is the best). Win. He had a few snorkeling masks and flashlights that he let us play around with (my pictures are out of order but Jesse is exploring in the first one). Leif showed us how to blow bubbles in the shape of rings (I have a video but it's not loading. Sad.) He gave us some good tips on scuba certification which is another adventure we'll be having this summer if anyone wants to join!

We decided we'd had enough fun with our new friends. Jesse hit the mud puddle on the way out. We saw an unfortunate sight that I will spare you the details of. We listened to the Beatles the whole way home.
Adventure = success.
More to come.