Little Sahara

Utah is full of so many random places to see and experience. Milla & Austin told us about Little Sahara which is just a couple hours South of Provo. Explanation coming...

On our drive down we saw this deserted factory/storehouse sitting up on the hill and had to go explore. As we walked towards it we made friends with a couple old chaps just as curious as we were.

The view was pretty sweet once we got to the top of the rubble.

We still have no idea what it was but there were tons of photo ops.

We continued our journey through podunk towns (a few of which would be perfect settings for horror movies), passed by cattle herders rounding up the gangs, and finally made it to Little Sahara. Basically, it is hundreds of acres of sand dunes! A word to the wise: don't go unless you have ATV's to play around on!

It was an experience just driving around this giant sand box watching the thousands of people (of all ages) riding ATV's, dune buggies, and dirt bikes.

If you know me you are aware that I love to people watch. This place is high on the list. I'll just say that rat tails and wife-beater tanks are you have a visual yet?

We kept hearing about Sand Mountain so we went to find it...and it is exactly as it sounds - a sand mountain. This is where the party was.

It's hard to see just how big it was, but basically the riders would gun it up this thing then slide back down still at full speed. Nuts.

Little Sahara is just something you need to see for yourself. We'll be back...with ATV's!