Stewart Falls

Ok- I'm way behind on blogging. So sorry.Who reads this anyways?!

Well, for those of you who do, this is what we've been up to!

Jesse and I were crazy enough to take classes during Spring (and I'll be pushing through Summer as well). Really, it hasn't been too bad. It's nice to be on campus with so few others (except the EFY kids...ah). Yet amidst our studies we've managed to fit in a few fun adventures with more to come.

About a month ago we hiked up to Stewart Falls just above Sundance.

Because the snow is still melting, and the runoff isn't as strong, we were able to hike up a little closer.
We made our way to Salt Lake for dinner at Biaggi's - an excellent choice for anyone craving Italian. The atmosphere is classy and the food is so so good.