(the flash on the iPhone 4 is BRIGHT. This was the most normal pic) 
A couple weeks ago Jesse and I decided to check out this whole moonlit ride thing up at the Sundance Ski Resort. They only do it one weekend out of the month (when there's a full moon) and this was the last weekend of the year. It was crazy busy but so fun! I've been on ski lifts millions of times when there is snow on the ground but it was so weird to just walk up to to it without skis or poles. The moon was super bright and it was just a cool thing to do - despite the 12-year-olds singing Disney songs in front of us! The WEIRDER part was riding the chairlift down! I'm so used to having to hurry to get off the lift before the next skiers/boarders get off and crash into you. The really steep inclines totally mess with your mind and make you feel like you might fall forward and down the mountain! Fun!