Now I Freelance - HDR Part 1

Bringing in 2011, we've made a few changes around here. With almost two years under our belt, we've decided to end our good run that was Icon Memories. The site will still be up for a little while longer, but we are no longer in business. Both James and I loved the experience and we've moved on to bigger and better things.

The best part of all? I have a little more time for my freelance on the side. :)

While the Photo tab up above is still under construction, I'll be sharing a few of my latest favorites here. I really should go in chronological order, but you won't know, will you? :)

This is a Buddha statue that was making a special visit to the Palace of Versailles during our visit to Paris.

Peugot also had a special event for their new line of concepts:

And no, we didn't go in, but we made a quick stop by Moulin Rouge:

Stay tuned for more!