After Eight Months with Canon . . .


This past year, I photographed for the Center for Service and Learning at BYU. For multiple reasons, I photographed using their own Canon DSLR. There are a few things I learned while shooting with my least favorite brand. I decided to give it a try and to let it the camera speak for itself.

— I still hate the way it feels in my hand.

— I still don't like the springy, nasty sound the shutter makes.

— Canons still feel slower to focus than the Nikons I've used*.

(Less noticable in the Pro lines)

But most of all, I shot with a 2GB card that they supplied me with. Two gigs? Pretty Good. I just exported my last batch of photos from an event and realized I had actually learned something useful from shooting with this Canon. (However, it didin't come because it was specifically a Canon)

About a year into picking up my first DSLR, a Nikon D80, I started a goal make the finals I gave to our clients at least 20% of my total shots fired at the shoot. I made it there as I started to hone my skills. I counted the final shots in the export batch tonight from the event and saw my new percentage: 127/200. 63.5 percent? I surprised even myself. When shooting with such a small card, I had learned to be even more selective about which shots I take.

Once we get to this point, we can be more selective about when to fire the shutter. I think we pay more attention to higher quality shots than just motor-driving at every angle we see. Let's put more emphasis on that ONE shot.

*(Canons shot: 5DMkII, 40D. Nikons: D80, D90, D700, D7000)