Halloween/Clue Party Recap

{For those of you who read Third Floor Design Studio this post will be pretty similar...}

Over the last few weeks I've been doing some serious party planning! We love to entertain -- everything from designing custom invitations, to the menu, to the decorations, to all of the little formalities of hosting a great formal party. We decided to have a few close friends over for a Halloween party. We decided to make the theme "clue" and actually play it live. We sent out manilla envelopes marked "confidential" and included the invitation with character profiles that I came up with. {I can't find my pictures of the invitations! I might have copied over them. So sad!}

I used all of the regular characters but made up complementary characters for their spouses. Everyone came dressed in character and totally played their roles perfectly! I loved it! Each couple also brought an appetizer/dish to share. Everything turned out perfectly!

Here are a few pictures from the night. {I love our camera but it does struggle in low light. And yes I know I'm breaking the #1 rule in photography -- natural light! But it's all about setting the mood for an event like this right?}

{bookcase: can you spot all of the clue weapons represented?}

 {i also had every room represented...}

 {the beginning of the buffet...}

 {a fireplace was a must...}

{purple cobwebs...totally natural} 

 {thirst quenchers -- including "truth serum" sparkling cider}

{cranberry-gingerale mocktails with black licorice}

 {my additions were these mini salad appetizers -- found on pinterest -- yes i actually try stuff i pin...}

{...and these caprese bites -- also found on pinterest!}

I also made a pumpkin truffle inspired by this dish but failed to get a good shot! {this one looks much better anyways...}

Everyone else brought delicious veggie dips, cookies, pies, etc! {Thanks!!}

We played the game {sans the board} and even had a little photobooth set up....

{we were mr. & mrs. wadsworth in the ballroom of our 600{000,000} sq. ft. mcmansion. i want to include the other couples pictures but i haven't gotten permission yet...}

It was so fun! It might just become an annual tradition.