Paris Alone

It's been way too long. I don't have a ton of time to sort through photos, and even less to process them!


Scott Jarvie

, who took our photos in Paris, mentioned me in a post on Google+. Now I have enough followers to really make me post photos now! Thanks Scott! 

So, here it goes. The rest of these photos can be found in my Google+

Paris Alone album


This first photo is one of my favorites as I just emerged from the metro from Charles De Gaulle. It was a great start to my day emerging myself in the best place in the world for street photography.

Below: Notre Dame

I waited for about an hour in line, but managed to get a gargoyle's-eye view!

Would you believe that I loved the tour so much (to the roof) that I forgot to go INSIDE after I got down!

Good one Jesse.


Code of Hammurabi

was, to me, cooler than seeing the Mona Lisa! It is one of the oldest deciphered writings of length in the world!

There was a flash mob dancing to Thriller in École Militaire as well as these guys. I thought it would be a cool shot and a little different from the typical photo of La Tour Eiffel.

Lastly, I was unable to enjoy Paris the way it should be, like this couple, with the one you love . . . but I did a year and half later! :) More on the Paris honeymoon trip soon, as we sort through our multitude of photo albums waiting to be posted!

More in the 

Paris Alone album

 on Google+. I'd love to know; which one is your favorite?