The Subway

 Last summer we took an adventure with our friends to hike the subway. Holy cow I never knew canyoneering could be so fun! It's the hike I always hoped for as a Boy Scout. If you have a few days in Utah, let's head down there. We'd hike it again in a heartbeat! Thanks to Camilla and Austin Boles for the sweet photos we're in!

The hike is awesome. You can repel right in near our group photo here or take an easier way crawling down a steep rock. The waterfall obstacles were by far my favorite. I laminated our trail guide to keep it dry. Don't go without one!

The top here is Angel's Landing. We had hiked this the day before the subway and boy were we tired!

A fun obstacle to repel down into the icy cold water (don't jump in the summer, low water levels!):

THIS is The Subway. More than halfway into the hike to get to it. You CAN hike "up" to the subway seen below, but I promise it's more fun going top-to-bottom!

Check out the rest of the album here on Google+!