The Gear: Footwear

UPDATE: It's now 2015 and we STILL have these special pieces of footwear. I can't recommend them enough, especially for light canyoneering or any river or stream adventures. They are worth the purchase and the space used on the shoe rack.


Jesse here.

Last month I posted about one of the first gear items I just wouldn't leave at home. Today I wanted to post about our footwear  of choice for a trip to a monsoon-laden country:

Columbia Drainmaker

  • Best of all? They are waterproof and drain the water out of the holes in the side of the soles. 
  • They are quick dry, so you're not putting wet shoes back on.
  • They are mega comfortable, so they can be worn around all day on your trip, and you're automatically ready when it starts raining!
  • They have a super sticky grip sole that still grips under water.
  • Bonus: tons of cool or less-eye-catching colors for everyone.

You can find them here for about $60.