We decided to meet Austin & Milla in Yellowstone for Memorial Day Weekend {rain or shine}. We weren't expecting snow, sleet, and hail but we all kept good attitudes and had an awesome time exploring the park. Thanks to Austin's family, we didn't have to camp this time. 

*Photos taken by Jesse/edited by Kim

{the low temps made the steam that much thicker but we still caught glimpses of the springs}

{what the tourist bus?}


{for the most part we got super lucky. the clouds would open up for just the right amount of time. this caught us!}

{only half our bodies were covered in snow when we got back to the car. i've never loved sideways snow...know what i mean?}
{old faithful...with a thousand of our BFF's}

{the "grand canyon"}

{polishing off the day with some BBQ}

We decided to do the south loop on day one & the north loop on day two. Park rangers told us where some hot spots were to see wild life on the north loop. Bison are common sitings but wolves, bears, and moose are more rare. SO we made it our mission to see them ALL! We got up at 4 a.m. and headed up the trail. 

{just driving up the canyon as the sun came up was one of my favorite parts. the tourists weren't out but the wildlife was! it was just so peaceful}

{oh hey...}

*Austin had a secondary lens that caught some great shots close up. The good close-up shots of the animals are from his camera. 

We were told to look for the big lenses. It had been a couple of hours without seeing anything and we were getting discouraged. Finally, we drove just a few miles further and found a huge gathering of cars and "big lenses." 

We stopped and asked around. Nobody had seen anything but we were near the wolves den. You could just feel their excitement and eagerness to get a glimpse of the wolves. Some started leaving and we decided to stay just a few more minutes. Good thing we did! A pack of 8 wolves came trottin down the mountain and across the road just 40 yards from us. 

{it was a big deal!}
 {the alpha female was collared. she wasn't going to hide a thing. litrally.} 

 {they crossed the river and headed stealthily towards a large herd of bison/elk}
 {the coolest part was when they all stopped and started howling! sure enough, one more came out from no where}

{everyone had scopes and were just as excited for US to look through them as they were! i grabbed this shot with my iphone looking through a scope...}

Somehow, we ended up checking off almost every animal on our list: bison, wolves, big horn sheep, a coyote, moose, a black bear, and a grizzly bear! It was seriously such an exciting day! haha! It was so funny stopping to hang out with the enthusiasts. Most of them had been in the park for weeks and were on a first-name basis with these animals!

{the cinnamon black bear}

*Back to our camera...
{moose. really.}

{7 mo. grown Oliver was a trooper too}
{a classy bunch}