Orderville Gulch

A few years ago we hiked the Subway in Zion National Park. We got pretty hooked on this canyoneering business after that. The hikes are more technically difficult but pretty rewarding in the end.  We're definitely not as hard core as some of the guys we see {though we'd love to own the gear} but I think a good hike every summer will become tradition for this family. 

Jesse had heard about Orderville Gulch. It was a little harder to get to and because of that was a little less traveled. Supposedly it was a lot like the Subway, if not better! So naturally we had to try it! James & Andrew joined us for the hike. 

The first 4-5 miles were hot and dry dry dryyyy. 

Our disaster with the shuttle {a story for another day} left us dropping in later than we wanted to so we were sweltering in the heat wondering when we'd hit the water obstacles! 

 {we grabbed a quick shot...just in case this was the most exciting part of the hike}

 {Andrew: the new face of Cliff Bar}

 {starting to get deeper into the 200 foot slot canyons...}


{found a few guys around the corner rappelling down this}

We finally hit the first obstacle and busted out the rope. 

But our excitement was short lived when we hit a dry dam. 

Where was all the water?!

About halfway through we hit the water...and didn't get out of it for the next 4 miles! 

It was ice cold bliss! 

We hit a few water obstacles and thought we'd only be getting waste-deep on this hike. 

Oh we were so wrong.

We hit the concourse which was basically a series of stair-step waterfalls that got deeper and deeper for at least a mile.

{rest of videos here}

The last mile or two of Orderville feeds into The Narrows {a super popular hike in Zions}. We knew we'd entered The Narrows when the path widened up! Ha! Oh and we were wading through a knee-deep river.  

{watching the 70 year old guy rappelling down the 150 ft waterfall} 

{the crew}

By the end of the hike we were all exhausted, blistered, and {in my case} bleeding but it was so worth it! Rappelling down rocks and jumping over dams and waterfalls all while in 200 foot slot canyons was quite the experience.

{we didn't bring a tripod but managed to grab a decent HDR shot}