200,000+ Miles

We were wondering when the day would come. The Funvee has been replaced. It was a loyal truck to Jesse and to us through our college days {after it decided to like me -- remind me to tell you the left turn signal story}. It definitely had character: right window didn't roll down, the left rear door knob was broken, half of the black trim was falling off, the moon roof leaked when it rained,  and it creaked like a 95-year-old man with a bad knee! But it was loyal! Jesse drove it to work every day and it really didn't have any major problems. We thought we'd take it to its grave but in a random series of events we decided it was time to sell. We put it up on KSL and we had a buyer within 24 hours. Just like that, the Funvee was gone! Apparently its loyalties were to Jesse and Jesse only...but how were we to know?! 

These were the last shots I grabbed of Jesse before we sold it. 

RIP Funvee. You were good to us. 

Jesse had been keeping an eye on FJ Cruisers and we figured when we found exactly what we were looking for at exactly the price we wanted, we'd go for it. Keep in mind, Jesse had been keeping an eye on the market for 2 years now and had only seen a few with such specific requirements. Turns out, the perfect deal just happened to come along right after we sold the Funvee. We'd prepared ourselves to be a 1-car family but this was exactly what we needed/wanted! So, we are now the proud owners of an FJ.

It only took a matter of days to get it off-road! Ha! I was having a heart attack over every bump, Jesse was in heaven. Good thing the Hathaways were with us to keep me on the adventurous side...

More on that trip soon!