Backpacking in the Uintas

One more great weekend with the Hathaways! We were all feeling like we needed to get out so they suggested a quick 8 mile hike in the Uintas. 

Jesse and I haven't explored those mountains {like at all} so this was the perfect intro for us! Island Lake was the destination then we hit a few other lakes on our way back the next day.

We were really worried after seeing a hoard of 60 boyscouts headed up the trail, but luckily they were no where in sight once we got in.

Our first attempt at capturing the stars...
It was a worthy attempt.

 {jet boil for life}
 {a little morning fishin' -- i gave up after about 2 minutes}

We had a boat race. Only natural materials allowed!

There weren't too many people around, but those that we chatted with on our way in were super friendly. One gave us worms and the other left this raft for us!

{made it to the island!}

On our way back we stopped at Dairy Keen in Heber -- a first for Jesse and I. Um, their Raspberry shakes are a-mazing! It's a popular spot but well worth the chaos. *They also provide GF buns. Awesome!