St. George & The Rig

I've been avoiding this post because there's just too much to cover from this trip! Well, and I was obviously a little behind on keeping the blog updated...

We had a great time in St. George with the Hathaways. Stefanie and I played when we were in diapers but then when my family moved to a different part of the stake we lost contact a little. Annyywaayyyss after stalking each others blogs long enough and drooling {at least on our part} over all of the fun adventures they go on, we were able to reconnect and head down to ZiOn together. In case you were wondering...Zion's is the bank! ;)

Lucky for us the Hathaways had a connection which provided us with a house to stay in. I'll let pictures describe the rest of the trip!

Started the weekend off with a quick stop at Red Cliffs...

 {just trying to look hard core. you know.}

Stopped in town for some Mongolian BBQ...


ove that red rock!}

Woke up early to make crepes & plan for the days adventures...

{photo cred: stef}

First up? A little off-roading on our way to rappel...

{this unassuming puddle almost ended our trip early! guess the shoes stuck in the mud should have been enough of a hint}

 {photo cred: stef}

{scotts reaction is priceless!}

{the boys scouting out the trail}

{photo cred: stef}


Found "Bear Rock" and a great place to do a little rappelling...

 {scotts new prof pic}

Rappelling 60+ feet? Kind of terrified... 

{jesse offered to spot from the bottom so i wasn't so terrified!}

 {tatum was the best baby ever!}

 {love him!}

{the fj earned the nickname "the rig" this weekend. we'll see if it sticks!}

{the last feat of the day. it was

a lot

steeper than it looks!}

About to squeeze through the Little Narrows...

{second guessing after seeing just how narrow the little narrows are...}

 {the boys were brave enough to try it first}

 {a little perspective -- this was seriously giving me an anxiety attack!}

{then stef was brave to take it a little further...}

{the boys saying it was "hard to breath" at one point nearly killed ME}

{jesse marking an X where he stopped}

{i guess a little healthy competition


a driving force because beyond everyone's expectations... 


girl made it through first! and a man can't let his wife beat him so jesse was quick to follow!}

Found one last small space to crawl through on or way out...

 {photo cred: stef}

{if i can do it once i can do it again, right?}

{photo cred: stef}

We finished off the night with green masks and...crawfish hunting! Duh...

We woke up the next morning to banana pancakes {thanks Hathaways} and was on our way out the door for more adventure in ZiOn National Park...

{we'd been having a heated discussion over whether it's pronounced "Zion's" or "Zion." This sweet ranger ended that discussion real quick!}

{we found the arch for our new friend, oklahoma}

{the obligatory jesse pose}

We stopped for a picnic by the river and a little relaxation...

{just hangin out!}

{photo cred: stef}

{the girls}

{finishing off zion with a brownie delight}

What a fun trip! 

Thanks to the Hathaways for making it a great weekend! 

Oh, and if the pics aren't enough, Jesse and I threw all 1,000+ photos we took into another vid. Check it out!

Annnndd we just threw all the vids into one...coming soon