The Windy City Wasn't So Windy

Ok. Way back in November we found a great deal on flights to Chicago + we found out Coldplay would be touring there. We've wanted to make it back to Chicago together and vowed that next time Coldplay went on tour we'd see them. So we found ourselves in Chicago last week. It was a quick 48 hour trip but we made the most of it from some suggestions from friends {thanks again}! Here's a recap...

We landed at 9pm and hit the ground running! Our hotel was in a great location thanks to the "name your price" feature so we threw our stuff down and went out on the town.

We'd heard good things about Andy's Jazz Club so decided to check it out!
Even though it was a weekday the music was great and the food was good.
The guys played a few crowd pleasers, a little Ray Charles, etc. but I love me some blues/jazz.

We had to do a few touristy things it being my first time in the city...

The Bean.

The architecture tour.
Which was a total fave because I studied so much of it in school.

{the corn on the cob buildings...}

 {trump tower -- so modest}

The Art Institute of Chicago.
A MUST for anyone who's in town! 

 {the roy lichtenstein exhibit was so fun!}


{piet mondrian}


{seurat. ferris bueller's day off, anyone?!}

Deep dish from Giordano's.
Btw they have a great GF thin crust pizza too! 

Basically Jesse got all of the amazing shots. Credit goes to him!
We were sad we couldn't bring a camera in but our phones did better than we thought!

Probably one too many photos coming your way so skip this part if you just don't care...

Garrett's Gourmet Popcorn.

Navy Pier.

 {i drop one piece of popcorn and this is what happens...}

Another great suggestion was The Wiener's Circle. Known for their incredibly RUDE staff. They were made popular afte Conan sent Jack McBrayer to grab a dog. 

I guess the feisty women were in a good mood cause we got our Chicago-style dog and left without a hitch.

We'd taken a cab there but decided to bike/walk along the river walk.
Emphasis on the BIKE....
{nice iphone shot/editing, jesse!}

But this is what we saw the most of.

So we walked.
Being sick made those 3 miles feel like an eternity!

Finally we found a working station, hopped on the bikes and road the rest of the way to Millenium Park where we THOUGHT we could drop them off and catch a bus to the train to head to the airport. Oh yeah, did I mention we had our bags with us? We'd managed to just come with two backpacks but they were heavy...

Of course, the first bike station was, wait for it, closed. Then the second one was, wait for it, out of order. So we ended up biking to the south end of the river walk praying that the last dang station would be open! We had a plane to catch -- I was suddenly having flashbacks of that horrible moment as we stepped out of the friendly Grecians car who sped us to the ferry dock only to see that bridge being lifted...

Finally we found it, swore to never rent bikes again and took off running for the nearest bus stop!
We did manage to grab this shot along the way. Pretty much sums up how we were feeling at that moment. Sick. Tired. And Frizzy.

It was a quick trip but we had a blast. We just love these little adventures together.
Oh and you know what? Turns out the "Windy City" wasn't really that windy?

We'll be back, Chicago!