Zion: Round 3

An unfortunate shuttle incident when we hiked Orderville earlier in the summer left us with a free stay at their resort. So, we got the original crew {minus Andrew} who were there and headed down to Zion for one last weekend in Zion! 

The weekend in pics.

{emerald pools}

{james' cam}

{whispering sweet nothings?}

{a little off-roading to get to the top of orderville} 

{officially finished orderville by doing the 100ft rappel -- well like 85ft of it at least}

{you can rappel into the slot but the stagnant water at the bottom was not appealing}

{so we set up to go beside it}

{james set up all the webbing so we made him go first...haha}

{made it. guess i'll try it.}

{jesse hiked down to take the action shots}

{james grabbed this shot on the way down. a fam of daddy long legs. good thing i noticed them after i'd passed them...}

{nast water}

{james' cam}

{orderville: done}

{took a peak into these random shacks on the way back to camp}


{finally hiked up to observation point}

{did it from the east entrance which is shorter and way less painful!}


Zion has been so good to us this summer! 
Ready, winter?