Day 1: Bangkok. No Rain.

Flights: SLC --> San Francisco --> Taipei Taiwan --> Bangkok

It's never fun to realize your flight is going to be 13 hours instead of the 9 you had calculated. Luckily, after some pleading, we were able to sit together {once again, we will never use Travelocity in the future}.

We touched down in Bangkok and immediately headed to Mo Chit bus station to get our tickets for the overnight bus to Chiang Mai leaving that night. Mo Chit is the biggest bus station I have ever seen and a place I will be ok with never seeing ever again.

Trying to buy bus tickets and coordinate some in-country travel is probably not the smartest idea when you're still in that initial culture shock stage! Luckily that wore off quickly and we started to get our bearings in this new country.

We grabbed the first taxi we could and made our way through some nasty Bangkok traffic to Wat Arun and the Grand Palace where the Emerald Buddha resides! Life was good!

From Kim's Lens:

 {these steps rivaled those at chichen itza. so steep!}

{the different offerings that people left were so interesting} 

{our first meal in thailand. we had the diarrhea meds ready.}

{some of the more sturdy scaffolding we saw}

From Jesse's Lens:

We made our way back to Mo Chit and waited to board the night bus {which was awesome!} to Chiang Mai -- 10 hours away.
*We haven't slept in a bed {or showered for that matter} in like 2-3 days. Feelin nast but lovin every minute.

{jesse is 6'1. just sayin.}