Day 6: Phuket. Some Rain.

Bangkok --> Phuket

Flew to Phuket at 6 in the am.

Found our hotel, Kata Palm Resort. It was super cultural and festive. But we did have the biggest cockroach hiding under the bed! Luckily he was almsot dead...

{the patio had steps that lead out to the pool. loved this place}

We had a few hours to kill so we walked around and found a tourist hub with *someone who would lend us their cell to make sure our zip line/kayaking reservations were good to go.

We grabbed some lunch then headed back to the hotel since the rain had finally settled in.

Flying Hanuman Zip Line: Amazing. 28 lines. Longest was 400 meters {1300ft}. Tallest rappel was 35 meters {114ft}. Kim went James bond/superman style down the 35 meter rappel. They basically drop you! So fun. Jesse + superman style on the 400 meter line was hilarious.

From Kim's Lens:
{saw this on our way up the trail}

I got some super funny videos of Jesse coming in on the line...but that's a whole other blog post!

From Jesse's Lens:


{did i mention it was super humid there?}

That evening we just went to the beach across the street for sunset. We agree with what almost everyone has said. The beaches on Phuket are seriously dirty {garbage dirty}. The other islands are where it's at!

{the lobby of the hotel}

The night life in Kata was bustling. It was a really fun place to be with tons of places to eat, live music, etc.

{yellow curry, fresh coconut milk, and connect four = a perfect way to end the day}

That night we found this amazing shop with the coolest paintings. We aren't big souvenir people but we both loved this guy's work. So, we asked him if he could take a few of the paintings we liked and combine them into one then paint it all white. He said he could, we bartered the price way down, and he agreed. It felt way more personal than anything we'd seen in the gazillion shops and markets we'd wandered through.

Tomorrow was a day with John Gray -- basically, one of the biggest reasons we went to Thailand!