Day 8: Phuket. Cloudy/Sun.

We woke up hoping to get to one of the other islands for some beach time but when we looked out the window all we saw were clouds with a few sun breaks.

We decided to forgo the expensive boat ride out to the islands and take advantage of our hotel's pool/spa.

{too many pool photos, i know, but that's basically what we did all day!}

We finally got to pick up our custom painting which turned out sooo amazing! We rolled it up and put it in a PVC pipe to bring home. Somehow, we managed to get it through 3 flights without having to check it.

Our adrenaline was finally letting down from running for the last 9 days so we ended up just sitting on Karon beach watching a storm roll in {with a Magnum bar -- did I mention we were both craving Magnum ice cream the whole trip? it became a thing.}. It was actually very serene.

Our 45 minute taxi ride back to the airport was complete with native singers covering Nicki Manaj, FUN, and the Biebs himself. All three of us were rockin out like it was our job.

This time we actually booked our hotel {the night before} and got SPOILED. If you're ever in Bangkok during the non-touristy season, stay at the Amari Atrium Hotel {well, all of the Amari Hotels are amazing}. We got a corner room with a view on the 19th floor for a steal.

{one night in bangkok... anyone? anyone?}

We pretty much had that song stuck in our heads the whooooolllleee trip. One Night in Bangkok -- Murray Head. Look it up and bask in the 80's goodness.