Day 9: going home

We ate like kings at the hotel the next morning and headed to the airport.
Turns out there are still honest people in this world {i.e. forgotten ipad at customs desk was still there...20 minutes later after pretzels, walking through the different terminals {yep, they're just like any other airport terminal -- even in Thailand}, and exchanging money}.

The only pics from the day...

The flight home was shorter than our way over but felt twice as long. I came off the plane in LAX with a baaaad case of vertigo {um, that's never happened to me before?!}. Maybe it was the malaria pills + the 11 hours of bad turbulence. I felt sooo blahhhh.

We had a 9 hour layover in L.A. but it was overnight so we couldn't really leave to do anything fun. We found a few benches and parked it for the night. Between the smells of McDonalds, the dizziness, and the blaring announcements I was just noooot havin it {and no I'm not pregnant}.

Then something crazy happened. The floor cleaners came.

Well, that's not the crazy part. At like 1 in the am they kicked us out of one wing of the airport to clean the floors so we had to move to the other side {oh the joys of sleeping in airports}. We dashed to the other side so we could find one of the 2 outlets in the entire airport. It happened to be next to these two young college-aged guys. One of them struck up a conversation with us. We chatted about what each other were doing. We were coming back from Asia. They were coming back from a conference trying to promote their new organization/business. At a pretty young age these guys decided they wanted to be something better and help others to achieve that too. They joined up with this group -- a group who feels that the family is the fundamental institution, a group that feels like it's important to believe in something greater than you, a group that feels like service is that basis of happiness. Uh, sound familiar? Naturally this led into a {2 hour} discussion about missionary work, the church, and The Family: A Proclamation to the World. It was a very civil conversation where neither party was trying to convert the other {though secretly you know we were hoping}. I hope they weren't too disappointed that what they were sharing was not new to us and that we actually had documents and scriptures saying the same thing! It was a nice reminder that there are lots of people out there trying to do good things and make a difference in the world. And if nothing else, they now know some of the most basic and important beliefs of "the mormons." It's just not what we were expecting to happen at 1am in the LAX airport! A great way to end the trip.