Thailand & Cambodia

This trip to southeast Asia has been in the works for a long time. From the beginning of our prep stage to wheels up the trip went through some serious changes, but in the end we loved what we were able to do in the short time we had.

We each brought a school backpack-sized bag -- best idea ever. It was just so convenient to be able to toss them under the seats on the 10 hour bus rides or on our laps as we jumped in and out of taxis in a hurry.

We also each brought a camera {thank you James!}. This was our best worst idea. It was cool to see what shots we each found at the day's end and grab candids of each other but we came home with SO many pictures!

I'm not going to lie, they were packed! It was monsoon season so we had some extra rain gear that took up space. In the end, we hardly needed it but at least we were prepared.

There were a few changes to our gear but this is basically it. I'm sure Jesse would be thrilled to write a gear breakdown and review for you...

Annnd what's a Moore trip without a time lapse...

{not that you reaaally care about what we packed}

10 days.
2 countries.
4 cities.

It was {finally} go time!