Cabin Adventure

Some of the neighborhood kids decided to venture up to a friend's cabin last weekend. We packed prepared to withstand the freezing temps just in case the wood stove didn't do the trick and enough food to last a month! 

{the gang}

Josh took off with the pup & some of the gear while the rest of us hiked. 

{pretending like we're not out of breath}

{taking care of chili business in the kitchen}

{man + fire}

The cabin warmed up real nice and the pup got real snuggly...

(Jesse here. I absolutely LOVE my Timex Tide watch. Rugged and all the info I need at a glance while outdoors. Find it here.)

{we played lots of games and did a lot of talking}

{and eating! we really know how to eat!}


We found an easier way down...


We had such a good time just being disconnected from the world for a little while and laughing til the wee hours of the morning with good friends! Hard to beat those memories!