Memorial Day Weekend

Currant Creek Res: Our friends, Matt & Liz, left super early in the AM on Friday to grab a campsite for anyone who wanted to join. We made the 2 hour drive up that afternoon. There are SO many places to go in Utah for a little outdoor adventure. We'd never even heard of Currant Creek but I'm sure we'll be back! Though just 2 hours from home, we really felt like we got away. I'm sure no cell service played a part in that.  The campgrounds were super nice. It's fun to hike in and "rough it," but I'm not going to lie, having working toilets is kind of ok with me. 

^^ Oh yeah, did I mention we rented a paddle board? More on that later ^^
 ^^ Excited to try out my new down sleeping bag. Verdict: loved it ^^

^^ We attempted tin foil dinners for the first time. Yummy but I need to make some gravy or something next time. Anyone have good tin foil dinner recipes? ^^

 ^^ Liz and I made a mock apple crisp ^^

We woke up ready for some adventure. We geeked out a little and went geo caching. We ran into an obstacle along the way, a river. 

^^ Jesse and Matt forged it to make sure it wasn't too deep. I'll spare you the other picture of Jesse. I'm saving it for a time of payback! :) ^^

^^ It was scarier than it sounded...^^

After crossing the river we came up to this old cabin where the geo cache was hidden. I sound like a total geek right now. But it's way more fun than you'd think. If I can get into it, you probably could too. 

^^ Found it! ^^

^^ No editing needed. Gorgeous country ^^
Annnnd since finding one wasn't enough, we found another on the hillside of a ravine.

Finally we put that paddle board to use. The reservoir was FREEZING. It is glacial water after all. So the goal quickly became to just stay on top!

^^ Pretty sure this was before we moved to the bay where the wind wasn't so strong. Within seconds I was pushed way out without hopes of turning around. I finally just sat down and let the wind take me on a little ride. Jesse drove the truck down to the beach where I docked where we switched. Somehow he managed to power that paddle board back to where we started. ^^

^^ thanks for snapping a few shots too, Liz! ^^ 

^^ calmer wind, way more fun ^^

^^ And what's a camping trip without a stop at Dairy Keen in Heber? They have THE best raspberry [dare I say any flavor] shake in UT. I look for any excuse to go. They also have GF buns! That are actually yummy! ^^

Rockport Res: We only camped for one night so Jesse could still get some homework done over the weekend. Since we had the paddle board rented for the whole weekend we decided to take it out for another spin with a few more friends. This time a little closer to home, Rockport Reservoir.

^^ Gorgeous, no?! I grabbed this with my iPhone. Amazing what that little camera can do. Jesse did the editing ^^

^^ Joe & Hayley brought the slack line. Thanks again Liz for the photos! ^^

^^ Go Jesse! ^^

You see, there is a pretty swift little river that feeds into the reservoir. Naturally, we had to test the paddle board down the rapids. Note: paddle boards aren't meant for rapids...

^^ Jesse doing the initial test before standing ^^

^^ Losing it... ^^

^^ Losing it... ^^

^^ Lost it. In my defense, I made it down JUST fine the second run. ^^

^^ The girls minus Liz who was behind the camera ^^

Then the boys decided to take it up river a little farther into the bigger rapids. I opted out of that one.

^^ Thanks again Matt & Liz for capturing the fun! ^^

We ended the day with a little BBQ just as the rain clouds were moving in.
Good day.