The Subway [Zion National Park]

Almost 4 years ago to the date, we hiked The Subway with our good friends, the Boles. We loved every minute. Our bro-in-law's family was heading down and had extra permits! Thanks guys! It is one of the more popular slot canyons in Zion National Park, but I'm surprised how many Utahns haven't even heard of it! It's actually a technical canyoneering hike which Jesse is ALL about: 9 miles, 5 obstacles, 10-30ft rappels, and a 400ft scramble/stairstep out of the canyon at the end [which feels like death after you've been hiking for 8 hours]. Oh and you're in freezing water half the time. But seriously, it is so fun and rewarding. 

We grabbed a stick from the parking lot at the trail head and threw the GoPro on the end. I compiled some of the best highlights into a summary vid. The commentary from Jesse & Jon throughout the hike is hilarious and should be made into a video all on its own. 

[the gang right before we dropped in]

[we have about 362 pictures of us checking the GoPro throughout the hike making sure it's on]

[making our way into the canyon]

[then the scrambling began]

[making our way through one of the obstacles]

[ one of my favorite parts of the trail]

[ one of my favorite parts of the trail]

[the infamous log everyone has to take a photo by]

[the waterfall room right after the highest rappel!]

[ok it was really cold]

[the "subway" part of the section]

[natural water slides after you get through all of the technical stuff]

[annnnnd a good soak for our sore muscles]

Despite all of the potential hazards, we all walked away in one piece. Well, I'm soon to have only nine toenails but things could be worse. Especially considering we encountered a nice fatty rattle snake along the way.