christmas // germany

spending christmas in germany was on my [kim] bucket list. so we decided to make it happen while we were in that part of the world. we made our way to munich via train from paris. i'll never forget that ride. the french countryside with a layer of fog settling in is beyond serene. though the kid vomiting a few seats away kind of killed the experience for me. between the christmas markets, caroling in the plazas, duck and mass on christmas eve, walks in the park, brats, and lots of chocolate, we tried to make the most of christmas in germany. we made our way down to füssen and neuschwanstein. another gorgeous ride full of quaint countryside villages. this castle is always a good visit despite the hoards of tourists. it really is majestic the way it's perched on top of that mountain. it was the first real day of snow we had seen our entire trip but it made for a magical setting. the train ride home was another one for the books. hundreds of tourists vying to be the first ones on made for a total circus act. we felt like we'd ended up in a completely different country at that train station. somehow we managed to get seats together with our south african friends we had made while waiting on the platform. we ended the week with a visit to dachau. we got there late in the day - as the sun was setting. it was cold, snowing, and getting dark. we found ourselves among only a handful of other people which made for a pretty eery experience, yet that loneliness as we stepped onto the grounds brought the harsh reality to life even more. a moment not to be forgotten.

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