norway // bodø

we planned on being in new zealand over christmas. but sitting in the lax airport at 1am, realizing standby to new zealand was just not going to happen, we decided to change plans. we pulled out a map and said "where should we go?" after much deliberation, we ended up in paris then made our way to northern norway. and what a beautiful change of plans it was. we had our sights set on the lofoten islands, which are located way up north, within the arctic circle. having done zero research on our destination, a few things caught us off guard, like the fact that the sun would only rise for an hour each day or the fact that most of norway shuts down during christmastime because the tourist season is D E A D. and while these details could have put a major damper on our stay, we experienced a completely different level of travel, which we loved. a few more hours of daylight would have been nice [obviously] but instead we got to experience hours of twilight each day which is perfect for photography. oh, and did i mention the northern lights?! a few more open hotels and attractions would have been nice but instead we were able to rub shoulders with the locals and experience more authentic local traditions [henningsver] all while adding a few truly hilarious experiences [best western, i'm looking at you] to the repertoire. 

our first night in bodø we made our way out to a rocky peninsula at the end of a dock. we scaled and slipped our way as far out onto it as we dared and set up the gear. we soon came to realize what looked like clouds were in fact the northern lights teasing us. before we knew it, 5 hours had passed and we were high-fiving each other as we talked about what we'd just seen and captured. little did we know what we would witness in svolvær. we slept in and awoke with the sun at 11am to explore this small but modern fishing town.

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