weekend adventure // no. 10

// fuji x100s //

we often feel like the word "adventure" means to go far away to remote locations. these weekend adventures started because we were inspired by a quote [that i cannot find now], but the gist of it is that it's often the hardest to be creative in the spaces you're used to. ashamedly, we can relate to this. last night we ended up siting at the "large" dining table of an older retired couple from holland.  sometimes it pays off to just knock on someones door. even if it happens to be the door of their unimog sitting in a parking lot across from temple square. after a few minutes of small take, they must have deemed us safe, and invited us in to take a tour of the place. they showed us pictures from their travels around the world, the times they had gotten stuck in mud up to your eyeballs, and the people they had met along the way. 

*our favorite story being that of the native guide in tibet who sat on the roof the entire journey because there wasn't enough room and used his hands to signal them when to turn left or right while another member of the caravan traveling behind him would radio to the driver and relay the signals the guide [sitting atop the car] had made. ha! 

but one thing that struck us was how they said how similar the countryside of new mexico looked to mongolia's countryside. the sweet woman said "you don't have to go all the way to mongolia to see the desert!" and how true this statement was. now, we will make our way to mongolia one day, but in the meantime we can have beautiful experiences in the spaces around us. we do live in utah after all. 

from the pictures above: this abandoned historical site is just down the street from where we live. we never knew it existed until yesterday. but if you're interested, the rr spike club meets in the dark dank basement on saturday evenings.