weekend adventure // no. 20

// iphone 6+ and phantom 3 pro //

this weekend was a true adventure in every sense of the word. we loaded up the car with blankets, candy, and anticipation for experiences to come. mormon lake arizona was the destination. the overland expo was the event. in a 72 hour period we covered hundreds of miles, slept in the roof top tent, got rained on, then snowed on, made friends with some of our overlanding idols, looked at more rigs than we could ever imagine, slept in the car, listened to stories from south africans and australians and brits and americans who have covered every inch of this earth by car/motorcycle, got rained on some more, collected enough mud to fill the truck and then some, warmed our cold bones on the red rock, and snuggled a whole lot with sir winston pug. 

that first picture, the one where sir winston pug is hanging out in jesse's jacket has incredible meaning. that vehicle is the


vehicle jesse saw while serving his mission in costa rica... in 2007. we could hardly believe it was parked just a few spots away from us among hundreds of other rigs. it was that very vehicle that opened up the world in a whole new way to jesse, and now me.