Thailand & Cambodia

This trip to southeast Asia has been in the works for a long time. From the beginning of our prep stage to wheels up the trip went through some serious changes, but in the end we loved what we were able to do in the short time we had.

We each brought a school backpack-sized bag -- best idea ever. It was just so convenient to be able to toss them under the seats on the 10 hour bus rides or on our laps as we jumped in and out of taxis in a hurry.

We also each brought a camera {thank you James!}. This was our best worst idea. It was cool to see what shots we each found at the day's end and grab candids of each other but we came home with SO many pictures!

I'm not going to lie, they were packed! It was monsoon season so we had some extra rain gear that took up space. In the end, we hardly needed it but at least we were prepared.

There were a few changes to our gear but this is basically it. I'm sure Jesse would be thrilled to write a gear breakdown and review for you...

Annnd what's a Moore trip without a time lapse...

{not that you reaaally care about what we packed}

10 days.
2 countries.
4 cities.

It was {finally} go time!

The Gear: Footwear

UPDATE: It's now 2015 and we STILL have these special pieces of footwear. I can't recommend them enough, especially for light canyoneering or any river or stream adventures. They are worth the purchase and the space used on the shoe rack.


Jesse here.

Last month I posted about one of the first gear items I just wouldn't leave at home. Today I wanted to post about our footwear  of choice for a trip to a monsoon-laden country:

Columbia Drainmaker

  • Best of all? They are waterproof and drain the water out of the holes in the side of the soles. 
  • They are quick dry, so you're not putting wet shoes back on.
  • They are mega comfortable, so they can be worn around all day on your trip, and you're automatically ready when it starts raining!
  • They have a super sticky grip sole that still grips under water.
  • Bonus: tons of cool or less-eye-catching colors for everyone.

You can find them here for about $60.


Add to Your Wishlist

     I ran into Wired Magazine's wishlist today. (Uh-oh) You really should think about adding one or more of these to your own list! Some are totally utilitarian, some more focused on design and others that are just plain cool. Here are some of my favorites. Full list after the break.

Fluent Stash from


An awesome bag for the gadget geek in us all. I can't tell you how many times I was checking for my phone, wallet and passports in Paris. With a bag like this, every item has it's own home.

MosKeyto from


This is the Jump Drive you've been wishing you had since 2004. So small, it adds no weight to your keychain. It actually comes in models form 2Gb at $15 to 16Gb for $50. You'll never be caught digitally empty again.

Conserve Insight from


Talk about Useful for your Christmas list! From your favorite electronics accesories dealers is a cool consumer device to save money. It can help you save by measuering how much you use. Check out their site for more cool



The Spinner 360 from


More Fun than Function, but I would love to play around with this for a day! Check out a demo shot below form otheir site. A bit pricey if you're not a natural 'tog at heart. Still sweet.

Camera Phone Lenses from


I've been following this site a while with all of their cool, quirky camera toys. I haven't been so tempted until now. They're right, the camera I ahve with me is my iPhone4 all day. Want some of the benefits of a DSLR in your pocket? Check these babies out.

Macro and Wide angle lens for iPhone

Capsure from


This can be my addition to Kim's Design biz she'll start up soon. Check. Out. This. Colorchecker. :) Take this to the paint shop or just scan colors to design your own pallets from physical products. I'll save up for those 650 bones. ;)

Surely one of these suits your fancy! One more killer item for the list, but I'll save a whole blog post for this innovative toy on the top of MY list . . .