The Gear: Footwear

UPDATE: It's now 2015 and we STILL have these special pieces of footwear. I can't recommend them enough, especially for light canyoneering or any river or stream adventures. They are worth the purchase and the space used on the shoe rack.


Jesse here.

Last month I posted about one of the first gear items I just wouldn't leave at home. Today I wanted to post about our footwear  of choice for a trip to a monsoon-laden country:

Columbia Drainmaker

  • Best of all? They are waterproof and drain the water out of the holes in the side of the soles. 
  • They are quick dry, so you're not putting wet shoes back on.
  • They are mega comfortable, so they can be worn around all day on your trip, and you're automatically ready when it starts raining!
  • They have a super sticky grip sole that still grips under water.
  • Bonus: tons of cool or less-eye-catching colors for everyone.

You can find them here for about $60.


The Gear: Power

As we gear up for this years travels, I thought I'd share a few items I just won't leave at home.

The Belkin Mini Surge Protector

  • Most importantly: You can charge two iPhones, your camera, your iPad and a laptop all at once.
  • It saves you from bringing two iPhone/iPad power adapters.
  • It protects from the not-so-constant voltage running through those powerlines in Cambodia.
  • Let's see, Gate D21 . . . OK!, GO!, RUN, THERE'S AN OUTLET. No more. At a full outlet I once asked someone if I could unplug their cable and share my Belkin with them. Of course. And you can be the one to open up extra outlets for others as well.

The Belkin Mini Surge Protector: A quick brick to throw in an outside pocket and an essential tool for every traveler.

You can find it here for about $15.